Article of the Year 2021

Recognizing and rewarding the most outstanding articles published in Hindawi journals.

The award for researchers, chosen by researchers

Year after year, researchers from across the world publish exceptional work in Hindawi titles, helping to advance scientific knowledge for the betterment of society. 

To celebrate Hindawi authors and their invaluable contribution to the advancement of science, we asked our Chief Editors to select an original research or review article published in 2021 that they consider to be exciting and impactful, as well as representative of their journal's research community and its current or future directions. 

The authors of each Article of the Year have been rewarded with an article processing charge (APC) waiver on their next submission to the journal. 

Click on each discipline to discover the winners of the Article of the Year Award.

Article of the Year Award: Outstanding research contributions of 2021, as selected by our Chief Editors. Read the winning articles.