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Article Highlights

At Hindawi, our mission has always been to maximize the impact of important research through openness. 

Our new article collection series, Article Highlights, seeks to shine a spotlight on outstanding research that explores topical issues affecting global society today.  

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Peer Review Checklist

Peer review is an integral part of every published manuscript. At Hindawi, we want to provide you with the resources that will assist you in creating a quality peer review report.

That's why we've created a Peer Review Checklist: our comprehensive guide to peer reviewing a manuscript.

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Article of the Year Award

The publication of an article is an important milestone in the career of any researcher. It's the culmination of months, even years, of hard work, focus and dedication - and that's before you even submit your manuscript for consideration in a peer-reviewed journal. 

Recognition matters and impactful research deserves to be celebrated. 

The Article of the Year Award honors outstanding original research and review articles published in Hindawi journals. Selected by the Chief Editor, each Article of the Year represents an exciting, relevant and interesting contribution to the scientific field published the previous year in the journal.

The authors of each Article of the Year are rewarded with an article processing charge (APC) waiver on their next manuscript accepted for publication in the journal. 

Article of the Year 2021
Article of the Year Award

A Comprehensive Guide to Science Communication

The power of scientific research lies in its ability to transform people’s lives. Helping colleagues, peers and the wider general public to get a better understanding of your research and the impact that it can have on society, is a win for everyone involved. It’s a win for you – the researcher in the lab achieving a breakthrough. It’s a win for us – the people trying to make sense of how scientific breakthroughs can change our lives for the better.

A Comprehensive Guide to Science Communication includes practical tips and examples of how to best convey science in an engaging way, dos and don’ts when communicating research to the general public, insightful interviews with people involved in public engagement and science communication campaigns, and much more.

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Article of the Year Award: Outstanding research contributions of 2021, as selected by our Chief Editors. Read the winning articles.